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Synopsis of WALL-E and Its Relation to Human-Computer Interaction

Have you ever seen this movie? I’m sure that every of you have seen this movie or, at least, know this movie.  Well, as we alredy knew, this animation science fiction film is mostly about the robot named WALL-E that falls in love with the more sophisticated robot called EVE.

Wall-e poster
When the earth was covered by trash and the air was getting toxic, people had to leave the planet. That situation occurred because of the continuous consumerism of human being provided by the megacorporation Buy-n-Large (BnL).  This consumerism behavior without any feed back to the ecosystem drive BnL to build a huge space ship, Axiom, in order to sustain human life. On Axiom, their every single needs was handled by the highly sophisticated technology.

Axiom space ship
While human stayed in the space, several unit of WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class) to clean the aerth by compressing the trash as they are programmed to. But now, 700 year after human’s leaving of the planet (this movie is set in 2805), there is one unit of WALL-E that remain active on the earth. 
The story of WALL-E starts when he find out the plant growing among the trash and keep it in his home. And then the more sophosticated robot, EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), that is sent to search the remaining vegetation landed to the earth and meet WALL-E. WALL-E falls in love with EVE. Eventough she shows cold behavior at the beginning, she slowly becomes more friendly to WALL-E.  At WALL-E’s house, she find the plant that is the reason why she was sent to the planet. She automatically turns into stand by mode while sending the signal to Axiom and waiting they take her back.


In short, when a ship come and take EVE, WALL-E  illegally join to the ship. And we can see what happend to human passenger in Axiom? After 700 years, they gradually became fatter and fatter. They have suffered severe bone loss. It’s all because they have been spoiled by the advanced technology. Food and cloth can be reached automatically by the robot. They can get everything they want instantly. The way they communicate each other have been change trough display screen altough their friends are beside them and they are oblivious with their surronding. They even don’t know how to walk because they always ride an automatic chair to take them anywhere. It was Marry, who fell down from automatic chair after crashing with WALL-E, eventually relizes the and notice the surrounding. She amazes with the scenery an the ship such as swimming pool and the view of space behind big windows and the ship.  She meets John, turns off his display and bfriend with him. It is the first time for human, after a long time, to talk face-to-face.

Human passenger

The Axiom is commanded by Captain B. McCrea but it is fully controlled by Auto, the auto pilot artificial intellegence  built in the ship. With the plant that was brought by EVE, the captain learn that earth is habitable again. The Axiom can make the hyperjump to earth. But Auto prevents that thing happened. The next story is about how WALL-E, EVE and the captain defeat Auto. Auto are eaventually defeated by the captain beaking it. The aptain said that human should not be controlled by  the machine, they shold controlled it.

Captain and Auto

The ending of the story is about how WALL-E, EVE and Human going back to the earth and recover the planet . From the story we are able to learn that if human depend ton the sophisticated technology we will be spoiled and controlled by it. We make the tecnology, so we have to use it wisely. Technologies are made to make our life easier, so it can strengthen our role as the leader of the earth, not to lose our humanity.

source : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WALL-E and google search

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